Getting ‘Real’ About Moving Forward in Your Life

LightHouse Rehabilitation Counselor Debbie Bacon trains Immersion participant Judi Lewis on how to use a video magnifier (Photo Credit: Patti Rose)

Changing Vision Changing Life is a Catalyst for Change, Not a Vacation

Changing Vision Changing Life Immersion Training in Napa can be the jump start to truly transforming the way you experience your vision. During the Immersion, you and up to 13 other students will come together in an intensive and immersive week of learning or re-learning skills, sharing your stories, exchanging solutions, supporting each other. Because learning how to do something different takes time, commitment and development of new skills and sensitivities, this week provides you the opportunity to become acquainted with a “buffet” of skills that support your journey of independent and confident living.

Where: Enchanted Hills Retreat
When: Sunday, November 15 through Friday, November 20.

Here’s what Changing Vision Changing Life Immersion is all about:

  • Changing Vision Changing Life is a week committed to YOU. It is the opportunity to learn how to take charge of living your life instead of letting your change of vision hold you and your life hostage.
  • Immersive training exposes you to a myriad of independent living skills and strategies; you will also receive a concentrated dose of orientation and mobility and access technology exposure.
  • You’ll work with our trainers in the full group, in small groups and one-to-one (as much as possible). We encourage students to learn using training shades, giving the experience of focusing on skill development through tactile learning, listening – incorporating all senses in learning and doing.
  • Changing Vision Changing Life is a personal commitment to having the desire and taking the time to make a change. The week is full of active participation starting as early as 7:30 in the morning with our optional Yoga class and ending at around 9:00 p.m. The days are full, incorporating time for learning, personal time for reflection and time to connect with fellow students. If you have never met another person who is blind or low vision, he or she will be your roommate, your fellow student throughout the week, your teacher, your mentor and quite possibly your new best friend.
  • LightHouse staff are professionally trained and the majority of the staff is also blind or low vision. They understand that everyone’s journey in training is different and that your journey is to be respected.
  • Part of the Changing Vision Changing Life framework is that personal acceptance, learning and embracing new skills and renewed skills take time and commitment – we expose you to the possibilities.

Many of our Immersion Session participants echo this resounding theme: “Now I know I am not alone, I have a community of support.” If you’d like to attend the November 15th session and start making your future ‘happen’, please contact the following LightHouse staff:

San Francisco Bay Area, contact Debbie Bacon at 415-694-7357 or
Marin County contact Jeff Carlson at 415-258-8496 or
Humboldt or Del Norte Counties, contact Janet Pomerantz at 707-268-5646 or

New Sessions for 2016
Making that list of New Year’s resolutions? Resolve to live more independently. The first Changing Vision Changing Life immersion session for 2016 will be Sunday, January 31 through Friday, February 5. Contact our staff to find out more.