Two English and one All-Spanish Changing Vision Changing Life Introduction to Blindness Retreat at Enchanted Hills

Students walk along wooded path at Enchanted Hills Retreat

August, September and November are great months for learning successful skills for life, work or play while surrounding yourself with the support and camaraderie of peers and staff who are blind or have low vision.

At the LightHouse Changing Vision Changing Life Immersion at Enchanted Hills Retreat, you’ll have a real workout on the skills that keep you living the life you want, whether it be improving your use of the technology that brings the print world to you or walking with confidence through beautiful Enchanted Hills Retreat. Throughout the week students are introduced to strategies and tools that can transfer from home to school to work, from sunup to sundown and from cooking to home repair. While it is an active week, time out is provided for students to share their personal experiences with each other, gaining insight, perspective and support for moving forward.

After the session students continue their journey in their own personal way, by continuing their training; improving their ability to continue at their jobs or becoming newly employed; volunteering or mentoring; connecting to other programs at the LightHouse or to those in their community; joining advocacy blindness organizations and a myriad of other outcomes. Most importantly, one the most resounding themes we hear from attendees of the Immersion session is, ‘Now I know am not alone, I have a community of support’.

Here are the upcoming Changing Vision Changing Life Immersion training weeks:

Changing Vision Changing Life Immersion for Spanish Speakers
Where: Enchanted Hills Retreat
When: August 24 through 28

This session is facilitated in Spanish for adults who are monolingual Spanish speakers. Any blind or low vision adult whose primary language is Spanish may be eligible. Transportation is provided from San Rafael, San Francisco and Ashby BART. There is no cost to attend if you are 55 or older and living in San Francisco, Alameda, Marin, Humboldt or Del Norte counties.

For more information please contact Esmeralda Soto (Spanish & English), at 415-694-7316 or Kathy Abrahamson (English and Spanish), at 415-694-7336.

Changing Vision Changing Life Immersion Sessions in September and November
We have two session coming up, both held at Enchanted Hills Retreat:
September Session: September 13 through 18
November Session: November 15 through 20

If you’d like to attend either the September or November Immersion trainings at Enchanted Hills Retreat, please contact the following LightHouse staff:
San Francisco Bay Area, contact Debbie Bacon at 415-694-7357 or
Marin County contact Jeff Carlson at 415-258-8496 or
Humboldt or Del Norte Counties, contact Janet Pomerantz at 707-268-5646 or

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  1. I live in Los Angeles and I am not currently in with Cal. Rehab. Can I attend , and , what would it cost?
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