Cycle for Sight Brings in $32,000/First Deaf-Blind Cycle for Sight Team

We did it again! We’re proud to have another Cycle for Sight Fundraiser under our belts and we’re deeply grateful to the Rotary Club of Napa for their award of $32,000, our share of the proceeds raised by 2,000 cyclists for the Cycle for Sight 2015 event, and to everyone who contributed to make this award possible.

Rotary Club of Napa members present a giant-sized check for $32,000 to Enchanted Hills staff. Left to right, Dale Carriker, Gary Rose, Camp Construction Manager George Wurtzel, Camp Director Tony Fletcher and Tim CooneyWe are thankful for the hard work of those who raised funds through the website as well as our individual supporters who raised almost $5,000 in direct donations to support Camp: Tino Benelli, Margie Donovan, Tony Fletcher, Gena Harper, Sean McGee and Prindle Vaux.

Our thanks and congratulations to all the riders and fundraisers!


Deaf-Blind Cyclists Ride in Cycle for SightOur first-ever Deaf-Blind Cyclist Group Rode in this year’s Cycle for Sight 2015

This year, for the first time, an organized group of three deaf-blind cyclists and two volunteer SSPs (Support Service Providers) participated as part of Team LightHouse in Cycle of Sight on April 18. Some rode 25 miles, others did the 15 mile run. With the support of the SSPs, all of the cyclists were able to complete their ride. Next year will see more deaf-blind riders and volunteer SSPs. The Northern California Association of the Deaf-Blind will meet monthly to practice riding tandem bikes.

Save the Date!
We’ve just gotten word from the Napa Rotary Club that Cycle for Sight 2016 will be held on Saturday, April 16. Don’t forget to mark your calendars.