Adaptations Products of the Month – Board Games, Redline Flashlights and NFB Folding Canes on sale

braille ScrabbleWe’re buzzing with excitement as we showcase three sets of products at the LightHouse Adaptations Store.

June 16 all board games on sale!

June 16 is National Board Game Day, and in honor of this holiday Adaptations is offering all card and board games at a 10% discount throughout the month of June. This includes Braille Monopoly, Braille Scrabble, Uno, Playing Cards (Braille and Large Print), Dominoes, Chess, Dice, Bingo and more. Be sure to stock up!

Now Available at Adaptations: Two New Redline OC Flashlights

Nebo’s ultra-bright Redline flashlights have been part of an Adaptations favorite for quite some time now. So we’re excited to carry an updated version of this excellent flashlight called the Classic Redline OC. This model is brighter than its predecessor – at 2,640 lux compared to original at 2,185 lux. Best of all – this new Classic Redline OC flashlight is available now for the same price as the standard Redline ($29.95). Also in stock, the Redline OC. At 600 lux, this model is also brighter than most standard flashlights and features a single brightness mode for those interested in a simple no-frills flashlight at a cheaper price ($19.95). Both Redline flashlights sport a belt clip for easy traveling.

Also New at Adaptations: The 7-piece NFB Folding Cane

The National Federation of the Blind’s lightweight and folding cane is now available at our store. Complete with a wrist strap and a metal tip, these canes are popular and very easy to fold up. The 7-piece NFB folding cane is available at Adaptations for $50.00.

Come on down to the store at 214 Van Ness in San Francisco to try any (or all) of these products for yourself. We’re open between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, or call us at (415) 694-7301.

NFB folding cane

Redline OC flashlight