Why Small Gifts Matter to the LightHouse

Sometimes we hear from donors who live on Social Security or on a tight budget. They have read that small gifts of $20 and $25 aren’t that useful to organizations because it costs so much to process them. At the LightHouse we deeply appreciate all contributions, whether small or large. We know that for many of our low vision and blind students, giving what they can makes them feel good and that they are doing their part. No matter who you are, giving is something that gives us joy.

Contributing to the LightHouse makes so many things possible. It enabled our latest employment success Zane Bock to take our award winning Employment Immersion Program and gain the skills and gumption he needed to land a job as a Tele-Service Representative with the Social Security Administration. Donations to Enchanted Hills made it possible for us to hire George Wurtzel, a master carpenter who just happens to be blind, who is taking the lead on a number of important construction projects at camp like building the benches at the new Redwood Grove amphitheater and the renovation of a historic barn into a tactile arts workshop (Thank you Delong Sweet Family Foundation and all our camp donors). This summer George will teach blind teens in the art of woodworking in this very space. Thanks to donors like you, our Community Services program has lots of new outings planned including going to see an audio-described performance of the Book of Mormon, “Wine Tasting in the Dark” with blind sommelier Hoby Wedler at Coppola Winery, and more. We thank all of our donors for the chance to take on such fun, worthy and life changing programs for blind people.

And donors who give small gifts throughout their lifetime often make a big impact on the LightHouse by leaving their house or other elements of their estate to the LightHouse in the form of a bequest. To make a contribution, today click here. For learn more about Estate Planning please contact Jennifer at 415-694-7333 or jsachs@lighthouse-sf.org.