Bay to Breakers Blind Centipede – Looking for Participants

The San Francisco chapter of the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) is organizing a group to participate in the world-famous Bay to Breakers foot race. Bay to Breakers is one of San Francisco’s premier events. Participants dress up in creative costumes and run/walk a 12 km course through the city. For fun, some participants bind themselves together in what is known as a “centipede,” and dress up in a creative theme. Examples include runners with chairs strapped to their backs pretending to be a roller coaster, runners holding cardboard cut-outs painted as a MUNI bus, and other similar themes.

This year, NFB San Francisco are going to assemble as a blind centipede. They have built a harness contraption made of nimble plastic pipes and hoses that will allow a group of blind people to all move together in perfect synchronicity through the race course. It will be a fun and informative example of what blind people can do when they work together and apply a little bit of ingenuity.

Would you like to participate?

When: Sunday, May 17 starting at 8:00 a.m.
Where: San Francisco
Cost: $54

If you are interested in joining in, or for more information, please contact Tim Elder by phone at 925-784-0512 or by email at