LightHouse Youth to Explore Blindness at NFB National Convention

“I was amazed by the forest of [white] canes in the convention hall”.
– Julie Cabrera, who attended last year’s NFB National Convention with the LightHouse Youth Program

What: LightHouse will take select youth to the 2015 NFB National Convention in Orlando, Florida
When: July 4 through July 11 2015

We welcome youth to join our expanding youth programs and attend some of the many local and national blindness events. In July, the LightHouse Youth Program will be taking twelve students between the ages of 16 and 21 to attend the 75th annual National Convention of the National Federation of the Blind, in Orlando, Florida. Students who take part in this trip will have the chance to test their independence, learn new skills and ideas, network with people from around the country and meet role models that can provide life-changing advice. The LightHouse will provide airfare and lodging for participants.

The National Federation of the Blind convention is an annual gathering of 3,000+ blind and low vision individuals who come together to learn about the latest technology, share new ideas with others and discuss issues important to the blind and low vision community. It’s the largest single blindness convention in the world and consequently really worth an exploration. Most who go say that their first convention was a life-changing experience – this is a place where using a cane is cool and reading braille makes you the boss.

Why should I go?
-Gain advice, wisdom and network with blind mentors
-Meet intelligent, charismatic and fun people from around the country
-Share and discuss issues, ideas and perspectives of importance to the blind community
-Learn about the latest and greatest technologies for people who are blind or low vision

Who is eligible to go?
Youth between the ages of 16 and 21
Youth that will be available to attend the entire trip from July 4 to July 11
Our top priority is to introduce first time attendees to the Convention. If you have already attended let us know that you’d like to attend again and we’ll fit you in if we can.
Youth under 18 years old must have parental consent to attend

What do I have to do to attend?
To attend with the LightHouse Youth Program, you must fill out an application and have a phone interview.

Please note:
You must participate in all assigned events and activities during the Convention.
During the Convention you will be matched with a mentor (through the National Association of Blind Students or NABS) who will work with you will introduce you to all aspects of the Convention.

Submit your application no later than May 15 to Jamey Gump, LightHouse Youth Services Coordinator. Click here to fill out the online application. For more information or to ask questions about this great opportunity, please contact Jamey at 415-694-7372 or

The LightHouse believes that giving convention opportunities to our blind community is a great way to accelerate understanding about blindness and personal possibilities. After the Orlando trip in July, our Youth Program will enable blind youth to attend the annual convention of the California Council of the Blind in October, in Southern California. Please contact Jamey Gump if you’d like to get on his list for that convention.

Did you know we have a Youth Program Events List? This email will tell you all about the LightHouse social, recreational and educational outings and adventures we offer each month, just for blind and low vision youth. In addition to upcoming events, you’ll find out about scholarship and other educational and leadership opportunities.

To sign up for our Youth Program Events List, or for more information about the Program, please contact Jamey Gump at 415-694-7372 or

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  1. This trip sounds like an inspiring experience that will empower young adults with various levels of vision to build self-acceptance and socially network which will fortify confidence to be authentic. It isn’t eye-sight that makes a person complete and being at this convention will let my son know he is awesome the way he is. He’s not less than anyone else. Less eye sight isn’t self-defining any more than less weight or less height or any other attribute.

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