The Lawrence Hall of Science U.C. Berkeley

LightHouse Board President Josh Miele featured in Lawrence Hall of Science Program for Scientists-To-Be

School-aged students and their families are encouraged to attend.

The great jobs of tomorrow will be in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). People with disabilities are currently underrepresented in these fields despite recent advances in the accessibility of information technology and other tools used by working professionals.

The STEM Career Showcase for Students with Disabilities is an educational event where attendees meet role models with disabilities who have thriving careers in STEM fields. Hear from different speakers, meet other students and families, and learn from interactive science demonstrations. Students leave with a better understanding of the many professional possibilities available and the inspiration to pursue STEM careers.

When: Tuesday, April 14, 2015, 1 to 3:00 p.m.
Where: The Lawrence Hall of Science, 1 Centennial Drive, Berkeley, CA 94720
No cost to register. Pre-registration is required.

School-aged students and families are encouraged to attend. After an inspiring keynote speaker and a lively panel of STEM role models, students can interact with different science and math activities, learn about 3D printing, and meet the Lawrence Hall of Science’s animal ambassadors. Members from the STEM community and STEM professionals will be available to speak with younger students about science, engineering, and technology-related careers.

Speakers include the following:

  • Dr. Joshua Miele, President of the Lighthouse Board of Directors and Associate Director of the Smith-Kettlewell Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Blindness and Low-Vision, will share his professional journey in the technology field as well as facilitate an interactive panel.
  • Ronit Ovadia, a healthcare professional working in the area of prenatal genetics counseling and a 2005 National Federation for the Blind scholarship winner.
  • Alex Ghenis, a Fellow at World Institute on Disability, who studies climate change’s potential impacts on people with disabilities.
  • College students with disabilities will share tips for making a smooth transition from high school to college.

A panel of STEM role models with disabilities will discuss such topics as the evolving landscape of STEM fields, overcoming the stigma associated with disabilities and learning the skills required for a successful academic and professional career.

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How do I find out more? Contact Sherry Hsi at or 510-643-7827, or Emily Arnold at or 510-643-9019.