A New Addition to Our Braille Capability

Just in time for the new year – we have now doubled our braille production ability with the purchase of a second industrial-strength braille embosser. Our Access to Information Services Department provides access to the printed word for individuals who are unable to read conventional print or any visually conveyed information. With our talking maps we are at the vanguard of tactile print production, but braille and audio production remain the cornerstones of our operation. The combination of talent and technology allows us to deliver quality product at competitive prices on deadline.

Our new $50,000 Braillo embosser was shipped all the way from Norway, and is now installed in our headquarters where it will help churn out the quarter-million pages of braille we produce every year.

Need braille? If you require documents or business cards in large print and braille, contact us at (415) 694-7349 or gkehret@lighthouse-sf.org.

Director of Access to Information Services Greg Kehret stands next to our new braille embosser