Enchanted Hills Camp for the Blind 2015 Sessions – Enrollment Opens on February 2

Includes New and Returning Special Sessions. Online application available at noon on February 2nd.

This summer’s camp schedule is up, including Chemistry Camp, our second annual Music Academy session featuring Dancing Dots founder Bill McCann, a new Horse Camp and a special STEM session for kids during our Youth Session. This year we’ve worked in collaboration with Junior Blind of America who own and operate Camp Bloomfield so that teens will have the opportunity to attend both camps this year because they will operate consecutively instead of concurrently.

Click here for the schedule.

Note: Here’s a great video posted on the Perkins website about Chemistry Camp, from former camper Jimmy Cong. Although Perkins didn’t audio-describe the film, its content is compelling and largely accessible.



Special STEM Program During Youth Session at Enchanted Hills
This year we’re going to offer a special TouchSTEM science session within our Youth Session. This program will run from July 15 to 18 and will provide students 11 to 15 with an unforgettable, hands-on learning experience in Science and Technology.

The goal of the TouchSTEM summer science track is to expose students who are blind or visually impaired to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). During the class, students will take part in hands-on, accessible and innovative activities including computing, robotics, biology and also take home some pretty cool give-a-ways. Students will also have the opportunity to take a flight in a small airplane with a licensed pilot.

Parents and guardians who wish to register their children for the TouchSTEM program can do so on a supplemental section which will be included with the Youth Session application.

Learn the Best Ways to Work with Horses at our New Horse Camp Session
At our new Horse Camp you’ll have a chance to learn from avid horseback rider and wrangler, Diane Starin. Starin, who is blind, has owned, ridden, taught and cared for horses for more than 30 years. This camp session is for blind or visually impaired novice riders, ages 16 through 24. It is geared for those that have ridden before, but not a lot. There is a wealth of knowledge Starin has about the proper care of horses, and students will have a first-ever chance to learn from a blind professional how it’s done with little or no sight.

Campers must have independent mobility skills.

Objectives are to:
Teach safety
Teach grooming
Teach tacking up
Teach good care and maintenance
Expand each camper’s knowledge of different kinds of equipment and their different applications
Riding and lessons as time and skill level allows

Date: August 2 through August 8
Cost for each camper is $300.
Separate application will be available for this session.
Space is limited to eight participants, so sign up while spaces are available. We expect this session to be very popular!

To find out more about these and all our sessions, contact Camp Director Tony Fletcher at afletcher@lighthouse-sf.org or 415-694-7319.



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