Calling all East Bay Residents – Volunteer in the New Year with the LightHouse

If you live in the East Bay, the LightHouse is looking for you. With the New Year, there’s been an increase in requests for services from those we serve that live in the East Bay. What better time than now to join the LightHouse as a Personal Services Volunteer.

Longtime friend and student of the LightHouse Lori Castner, who lives in the East Bay told us, “Unfortunately for us, our former LightHouse volunteer has moved out of the area. He was wonderful – he worked with me and my husband for ten years and in that time became more than a volunteer, he became a friend. He assisted us in so many ways – for example, during the elections he helped us complete our absentee ballots. He helped us get birthday, anniversary and holiday cards out on time. With the help of a Personal Services Volunteer, it just takes us so much less time to run errands and get through tasks like sorting through mail and completing paperwork. It makes a huge difference in the amount we can accomplish. We’re definitely looking forward to being matched with someone again here in the East Bay.”

Another LightHouse student, Employment Immersion graduate and East Bay resident Dennis Shepard and his wife Debrah Willard were just recently matched with a LightHouse Personal Services volunteer. “We’re thankful for our new volunteer. Our house runs 100% better when we have someone to help us every week. Especially with running errands and minor household projects – which can be interesting with two guide dogs in tow. We coordinate our schedules so it’s easy for everyone involved.”

There are many reasons to volunteer. Volunteering feels good and allows us to do our civic duty, gain experience that can be put on a resume and exercise our innate, human need to feel needed. The LightHouse has students in the Oakland and Berkeley East Bay area waiting to connect with and hear from you. Start 2015 off right by volunteering as a Personal Services Volunteer. Contact our Volunteer Engagement Specialist, Justine Harris-Richburgh, at or 415-694-7320.

LightHouse Student Dennis Shepard and his Guide Dog Harvard