Missed this year’s Superfest or want to watch a film again?

SFGOVTV channel 78 will be playing some films from this year’s festival. Even more exciting – all of the films will screen with captioning and audio description.

Visit sfgovtv.org for information on how to watch them over the web.

For people outside of SF, you can stream them live: http://sanfrancisco.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?publish_id=47

Here is the schedule through mid-January:


9AM Vectors of Autism
9:40AM Once Again
10AM The Interviewer
10:15AM Everything is Incredible
10:30AM Restraint and Seclusion
3PM Juggle and Cut
3:15PM The Interviewer
6PM Vectors of Autism
6:40PM Once Again
10PM Restraint and Seclusion
10:30PM Everything is Incredible
10:40PM Juggle and Cut


9AM Juggle and Cut
9:15 AM Restraint and Seclusion
9:40AM Once Again
10AM The Interview
10:15 AM Vectors of Autism
10:50 AM Everything is Incredible
7PM The Interview
7:15PM Juggle and Cut
8PM Everything is Incredible
8:10PM Once Again
8:30PM Restraint and Seclusion
10 PM Vectors of Autism