White Elephant Gift Exchange on Saturday, December 20

Have you ever received a gift you didn’t want or had no use for? Here’s your opportunity to unload that cringe-worthy dust collector in a fun and humorous way. Join the LightHouse Youth Program as we celebrate the holidays at our Annual White Elephant party.

For those unfamiliar, a White Elephant party is a fun holiday gift giving party where participants bring humorous and inexpensive gifts to exchange. White elephant gifts are usually tacky, gaudy, inexpensive and of course, silly. The funnier and more absurd, the better. The best part of the game is “stealing” gifts from other participants. For more information about the rules of the game, see below.

Who: Blind and Low Vision Youth, ages 8 to 24
What: White Elephant Gift Exchange
When: Saturday December 20, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Where: LightHouse San Francisco Headquarters
Waiver: Each participant must submit a LightHouse Youth Program waiver form, if they have not done so for a previous outing
Please RSVP by December 17.

Festive treats will be made by our cooking class scheduled before the White Elephant party. Potluck contributions will be greatly appreciated.

Each youth who wishes to participate in the gift exchange must bring one gift valued at no more than $10. Gifts should be tasteful and non-offensive, however, the more outrageous and/or funny the gift, the more fun we will have.

If you would like more information or to RSVP for this event, please contact Jamey Gump, LightHouse Youth Services Coordinator at (415) 694-7372 or jgump@lighthouse-sf.org.

White Elephant Rules

1. Each participant must bring one wrapped gift that does not exceed $10 and place it with other gifts on a designated table.

2. Pass around a hat with numbered pieces of paper (one number for participant), and have each guest draw a number to determine order.

3. The person who draws “1” gets first pick from the pile, making sure to describe the gift to other participants.

4. Once opened, the person who draws number “2” starts the second round. They can either choose to “steal” the first person’s gift or open an unwrapped gift from the pile.

5. Once number “2” has gone the person who drew “3” repeats the same process of choosing to “steel” an opened or unwrap an unopened gift.

6. Gifts can be exchanged 3 times per round, and gifts cannot be stolen back from the person who stole from you.

7. Game continues in this fashion until all gifts have been opened.