Could You Use a Helping Hand?

Could you benefit from the assistance of a LightHouse Personal Services Volunteer? Our Personal Services volunteers can work with you in a number of areas such as:

-reading mail, books, newspapers and periodicals
-writing checks, letters and correspondence
-home organization such as marking or labeling
-grocery shopping or errands with the client
-attending cultural, social or sporting events
-walking or transportation

LightHouse volunteers are eager to work with you on some of the everyday aspects of life that may be challenging. In talking with you, Volunteer Coordinator Justine Harris-Richburgh will determine what kind of volunteer you are looking for to help you find the best match. You may only be looking for short term assistance or you might be interested in a longer term working relationship. It’s up to you.

Lori Castner and her husband, Mike, are both blind and have been working with volunteers from the LightHouse Personal Services program for over ten years. “My husband and I are pretty resourceful, but we do sometimes need help with tasks we can’t do easily on our own, such as writing checks and greeting cards and sorting quickly through mail. We’ve had good luck getting readers from the LightHouse; they screen their people and really make an effort to make a good match.”

Could you use a helping hand? If you are interested in being matched with a Personal Services Volunteer, please contact our Volunteer Engagement Specialist, Justine Harris-Richburgh, at or 415-694-7320.

volunteer working with LightHouse client