Call for LightHouse Memorabilia

Clean out your attics and basements, dust off that Rattan furniture, unload that old straw broom buried in the back of your closet, get out the old photo albums and look for particularly special snapshots. The LightHouse is accumulating historical items from our past, and we need your help. The history of the blind in the Bay Area is precious to us, and we intend to display much of it in an homage to where we’ve been over the 112 years of the LightHouse.

Please consider donating your LightHouse photos and memorabilia, including items associated with the Reading Room for the Blind at San Francisco Public Library and San Francisco Association for the Blind’s Blindcraft operation. Your donations may be tax-deductible. Contact Alex Wilson at 415-694-7333 or

If requested at the time of donation we will gladly return original photos or negatives, after making copies.

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