Adaptations Product of the Month: Brooks Technology Talking Infrared Thermometer

A cooking and safety aid for the blind and visually impaired, and a handy assistive tool for just about anyone. Now available at the LightHouse: The Brooks Technology Talking Infrared Thermometer.

Simply point the device in the direction of a heat source and press the button, and the thermometer will announce the temperature in a loud clear voice.
Features include:

  • Measures -94 to 716 Fahrenheit (-70 to 380 Centigrade)
  • Unique SCAN mode with slow to fast beeping to locate heat source
  • Speaks in 3 languages: English, Spanish or French
  • Built-in talking instructions

The thermometer can be used to measure the temperature of a refrigerator, freezer, an oven, stovetop, cooking oil and countless other heat sources. The Talking Infrared Thermometer is available now for $119 plus tax. Stop by Adaptations for a demonstration of this fascinating new product.