Access to Information Services is Embarking on an Exciting New Endeavor Using VoicEye

Recently, ViewPlus (makers of the EmFuse which embosses braille, tactile images and prints in four colors) paid LightHouse a visit, introducing us to VoicEye – a cutting edge accessibility technology.

A VoicEye (VE) code looks and behaves much like a QR code, but where QR codes take you to a webpage, when you scan VE codes with your phone the content is actually imbedded in the code and you don’t need to be online to read it. A VE code contains up to two full pages of text, images and links. VE codes can also contain contact or event information that can be saved directly to your phone’s contacts or calendar.

The free VoicEye app (available for most Smart phones) also has a built in video magnifier with contrast control. For a better view, turn your phone’s light on to illuminate the printed page and save the image to your phone. On the iPhone, with VoiceOver activated, the VE app will even guide you, speaking instructions to help you scan the VE code.

AIS is working on several projects that will feature VE code, including upgrades to our many Transit Route Orientation Guides [] and integration into tactile maps and brochures for the Sonoma State Historic Park.

Check out VoicEye for yourself: To learn more about the software, just download the app and scan some sample VE codes.