Mind’s Eye Therapy Group Begins Again in September

Due to popular demand, LightHouse for the Blind’s Counseling and Psychological Services program will be offering a second set of therapy group sessions intended for individuals who are moving forward in their lives with recent changes in their vision. With guidance from our staff psychologist, Connie Conley-Jung, Ph.D., the Mind’s Eye facilitator, Ms. Rachel Longan, M.S. has thoughtfully designed this group for adults who are navigating this very personal journey.

Sudden or actively progressive vision changes can affect many aspects of a person’s life. Clients who are participating in this group are able to process their experiences in a safe and understanding setting.

Ms. Longan incorporates a variety of techniques and experiential exercises into each session. Some of the topics the group is covering include new challenges in relationships, social participation, and emotional factors commonly associated with adjusting to vision changes.

When: Tuesday afternoons, September 9 through December 2
Where: LightHouse San Francisco Headquarters

The group schedule has been extended into a 12-week series held on Tuesday afternoons at LightHouse San Francisco Headquarters, from September 9 through December 2, 2014. If you are interested in enrolling in this group please contact Ms. Rachel Longan at 415 694-7302 or rlonganlighthouse@gmail.com.

Rachel Longan has 8 years of experience conducting support groups and 5 years of supervised therapy hours in a variety of settings. Rachel is visually impaired and has co-facilitated a year-long support group specifically for individuals experiencing recent vision loss. Ms. Longan has guest lectured at the International Conference on Costello Syndrome and at UC Berkeley. She is a Registered Marriage and Family Intern at the LightHouse (supervised by Connie Conley-Jung, Ph.D.) and also works at the Pacific Center in Berkeley.

Rachel Longan