Act Now – Youth Program Launches Consumer Convention Opportunities – Deadline to Apply June 4

The LightHouse has some donated funding to support blind youth and college students who would benefit from full mentored attendance at consumer blindness conferences. The first of these opportunities is coming up fast.

During the first week of July, the LightHouse Youth Program will take a group of students to the annual convention of the National Federation of the Blind in Orlando, Florida. Students will have the opportunity to test their independence, learn new skills and ideas, network with people from around the country, and meet life changing role models.

The NFB Convention is an annual gathering of 3,000+ blind and low vision individuals that come together to learn about the latest technology, share new ideas with others, and discuss important issues.

The LightHouse is proud to provide air fare and lodging for participants.

Why go?

  • Network with other Blind and Low Vision individuals
  • Meet intelligent, charismatic, and fun people from around the country
  • Share and discuss ideas, concepts, and perspectives of importance to the blind community
  • Learn about the latest and greatest technology for Low Vision or Blind communities
  • Gain advice and wisdom from Blind or Low Vision mentors

Trip qualification:

  • Currently enrolled (or admitted) college students or those who have been in college within the past two years
  • Available to attend the entire trip from June 30th to July 7th
  • Space is limited to 12 participants
  • Completed all aspect of the application

Application must be submitted to the Youth Services Coordinator at the LightHouse no later than June 4th. For more information please contact Jamey Gump at 415-694-7372 or And watch this space for future consumer convention opportunities.