Get Where You Need to Go – Free Orientation Training to Muni, BART and Caltrain through July

Do you go to Oakland Airport or SFO International Airport and want to use BART, but need a “dry run”? Do you have a friend living in San Mateo or San Jose and want to learn the Caltrain stations and routes so you can meet up with them more often?

If you are an independent traveler, don’t let unfamiliarity with these great public transit systems and routes stop you from going where you want to go. You can receive up to ten hours of training at no charge. There is no age limit on training, though under 18 must have parental consent, so those of you who are out of school and want some summer time adventure improving or increasing your public transit travel, this is for you too.

Free Braille Guides Available for Muni, Caltrain and BART
Copies of our Braille Transit Route Orientation Guides for BART, Caltrain and 36 Muni routes can now be picked up in the lobby of our San Francisco headquarters. The guides contain lists of the stops along a bus or train route with information about the transfers available at each stop, and the orientation of each stop.

We will also mail these braille guides to you at no cost.

To request orientation travel or Braille Transit Route Orientation Guides contact Frank Welte at or 415-694-7363.

Both the training and the Transit Route Orientation Guides are free. Funding is provided by a New Freedom Grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation and administered by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.