Unlimited Crab, Unlimited Fun at the Lions Club Crab Feed

On Saturday March 29th, three members of PRO (People Reaching Out), a branch of the LightHouse Red Cross Youth Club volunteered at the Park Presidio-Sunset Lions and Castro Lions Clubs Crab Feed to benefit Enchanted Hills Camp for the Blind.

The evening began with a live band that filled the room with festive music, accompanied by a raffle offering a wide array of great prizes. After the crab was served, LightHouse youth shared camp stories and memories with their new Lions Club friends. The party concluded with a lively action where tables formed teams and outbid each other for additional prizes. Both PRO and Lions Club members went home with full stomachs and happy hearts knowing that their time (and money) would be used to do good.

PHOTO: Red Cross Youth Club members Priscilla Jimenez and Anthony Dalli work the Crab Feed raffle table with EHC Assistant Director, Kaitie Kelly and a Lions Club volunteer