Transition Youth Summit Helps Build Strong Leaders

This year’s Transition Youth Summit at Enchanted Hills Camp focused on “Becoming a Strong Leader” and participants had the opportunity to refine their leadership skills to help them achieve their academic, professional and personal goals.

“I really liked how the materials presented were actively applied to real situations as that is the best way to explain and teach [these]concepts” – 22-year-old participant Anthony Dalli, San Carlos, CA

“The group really did an amazing job absorbing, relating and applying the concepts we discussed during the Summit”, said Youth Services Coordinator, Jamey Gump.

If you or someone you know is between 16 and 24 years of age and wants to grow in their leadership and confidence, please contact Jamie Gump at 415-694-7372 or to learn about upcoming LightHouse Youth events.

(l to r) Cody Meyer, Jimmy Cong, Anthony Dalli, Kaiti Kelly, Julie Cabrera , Rachel Grider