Have you used a SoloHealth Kiosk?

Disability Rights Advocates (DRA) is interested in hearing from regular customers of Safeway, CVS, Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club stores who have attempted to use or who are interested in using SoloHealth self-service health kiosks. SoloHealth Stations are interactive, self-service touchscreen kiosks that provide free medical screening services, such as blood pressure measurements, weight and body mass index measurements and vision screenings. SoloHealth Stations also provide information about the Affordable Care Act, available health insurance options and referrals to neighborhood doctors.

SoloHealth’s website features a tool that enables users to locate nearby SoloHealth Stations. You can find SoloHealth Stations at hundreds of locations throughout California. The web address is: https://solohealth.com.

DRA wants to learn more about the problems that blind and low vision Californians are experiencing independently using the SoloHealth Stations. To share your experiences, please contact Layla Oghabian at loghabian@dralegal.org or call 510-665-8644.

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