Braille iPhone User Guide for iOS 7

If you are a Braille reader with an iPhone or iPad you’ll want to get your hands on the Braille User Guide for iOS 7 Software – a complete set of directions on how to use your device, intelligently organized into 3 volumes of interpoint Braille. Braille users will tell you that there just isn’t anything better for referencing information than hard copy. It’s not every day that a mainstream product offers blind and visually impaired users a fully formatted, highly edited and well-thought-out how-to guide. Great for both beginner and intermediate learners.

The authorized braille transcription of Apple’s iPhone User Guide for iOS 7 Software. Complete with alt tag descriptions. 31 chapters covering everything you need to know including detailed information on Accessibility (Appendix A) and Siri (Chapter 4). Three volumes, 406 braille pages. Purchase it for $29.95 plus tax and shipping.

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