Together We Are Saving Lives – Day of Giving Blind Blood Drive Doubles Last Year’s Donations

On January 17, in honor of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, LightHouse and partnering agencies worked together to save 324 lives during the Second Annual 2014 Day of Giving Blind Blood Drive.

The Bay Area drive was initiated and coordinated by the LightHouse along with the California School for the Blind, Vista Center, Santa Clara Blind Center and the Ed Roberts Campus opened their doors to the blind community and sighted friends, allowing people to walk in and donate blood for those in need. The American Red Cross was able to collect 108 usable units of blood, more than double what we collected last year and which will potentially save 324 lives.

Said LightHouse Community Services Director John Liang:
“(Today) I have received nothing but positive feedback from both within and without the blind community. I truly believe that if we continue to build upon the current foundation and harness the enthusiasm and successes of each successive blood drive, our initial goal of having the Day of Giving Blind Blood Drive go national may soon come to fruition. There’s no reason why LightHouse and American Red Cross cannot and should not be at the vanguard of mobilizing an entire nation of blind and sighted folk alike for such a meaningful and selfless purpose.”

Thank you to all who participated in this year’s blood drive and a very big thank you to the American Red Cross.