Send a Braille Card to Your Valentine

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, our friends at the Chicago Lighthouse have produced braille valentine’s cards that we will carry in our Adaptations Store. The cards are part of the inBraille line of greeting cards, celebrating the beauty of braille.

Designed by artist Alisa Singer, the pattern of the contemporary art design on the cover of each card corresponds to the embossed braille message included inside the card. The Valentines, in three distinct designs, all include the message “XOXO” – hugs and kisses.

Proceeds for the sale of these cards go to support LightHouse programs and services. We will be selling the cards in early February, for $3.50 each.

Three Valentine’s Day Cards: The first shows a drawing of a wooden fence painted pink, with the letters XOXO and hearts drawn on the fence in chalk. The second shows a drawing of red and turquoise heart lollipops, surrounded by a red, turquoise and yellow boarder. The third shows a drawing of a pink and red bordered box of chocolates, with the letters XOXO below.