You Like Us, You Really Like Us!

Recently, we found this warm and heartfelt comment on our Facebook page:

“This place has brought my cousin back to life. She’s 38 years old, a wife and mother of two small kids, total career women: in the peak of her career, that she had worked herself to bone to get to the top of… she had a real passion for aviation management! 18 months ago she became blind due to a procedure that was to help with inflammation. She heard about this retreat [our Changing Vision, Changing Life immersion at Enchanted Hills] sponsored by your program, and it forever changed her. She’s back! And more powerful than ever. Your staff showing her resources, inviting her into your program, meeting others in the same situation, and most importantly teaching her how to accept what has happened to her but life will go on…in a different direction than the one she had planned for! We are ever so grateful to your organization! She’s still a little intimidated to use her cane, but is taking the BART up to the city independently, her kids to and from school, and has so many plans, goals and dreams again! Thank You for bringing my cousin back to life! We ALL thank each and every one of you!

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