A Huge LightHouse Thank You to Robert Foster!

Longtime donor Robert Ray Foster called LightHouse headquarters the other day. With over 30 donations since 1988, Mr. Foster had always been a generous supporter, with many of his contributions made specifically to support youth camperships at Enchanted Hills Camp. Mr. Foster told us during the call that he was, “considering giving a larger gift.” Shortly afterwards we were floored when a simple envelope with a 47-cent stamp arrived in our mailroom. The amazing unanticipated gift was for $100,000, to be used for general operating support.

When asked what motivated his generosity, Mr. Foster replied, “I receive the LightHouse eNews and I’m impressed with all that you accomplish.” For all of us at the LightHouse this is a huge compliment. LightHouse CEO Bryan Bashin said, “Mr. Foster understands that much of the mission of the LightHouse is not funded by any branch of government. His big-heartedness really will help blind community members learn the skills and self-confidence to live the kind of life they desire.”

“Thank you, Mr. Foster!” from the staff, Board of Directors, clients and campers at the LightHouse.