Employment Immersion Program Continues to Help Secure Jobs and Inspire Confidence for Those Still Looking

The Employment Immersion Program recently concluded its third year of supporting blind and visually impaired job seekers with deeply-gratifying results. The program has graduated ninety participants from a wide range of backgrounds. The Program provides its participants with a supportive environment in which they can learn skills and techniques specific to conducting a job search as a blind or visually impaired individual. And the program is working. Salaries generated by past graduates have exceeded $1,365,000. But more important than dollar figures is the value our students place on the experience. We asked some of the participants of our most recent graduating class for their feedback.

“Before this class, I felt as though I was among a very small group of visually impaired/blind individuals who could not get a job. I constantly questioned what was wrong with me for not being able to pursue something that many people find very easy to get. As I went through the program, I started to realize that I was not alone in this struggle and that all of the students in the program were very intelligent and highly educated yet had difficulties as well.” – Bona

“Most definitely, I appreciate the time we spent on interviewing. We discussed interviewing throughout the whole program and especially the last week. I felt I gained more confidence by practicing questions and discussing different answers and the simulated interview was very helpful. – Todd

“To those who are thinking of joining the Employment Immersion Program, I’d say that they need to just do it, and to come with an open mind. Expectations are good, but it’s also good to just listen and see what other people have to say…You can get something out of everything you do. Try to be brave – you get more out of discussions when you participate, although there’s nothing wrong with being shy…everyone’s experiences and conditions are different.” – Vicky

Are you ready to find a great job and earn enough to support yourself? Or are you looking for work for the first time? The next Employment Immersion class begins on March 18. It’s a small investment of time – just eight weeks will get you up-to-speed with the latest job-search methods, plus one-on-one counseling and interview practice in a warm, encouraging environment. For more information, call Justine Harris-Richburgh at 415-694-7366 or volunteer@lighthouse-sf.org or Kate Williams at 415-694-7320 or kwilliams@lighthouse-sf.org.

LightHouse Employment Immersion Program Leader Kate Williams speaks to student