New LightHouse Program Can Put Audio Description on Any YouTube Video

How many times have you wanted to watch a YouTube video that has gone viral, that hilarious cat or dog video or the one showing the crazy things that kids do at dinner time or a preview of that movie you’ve been anxiously waiting for. Or were you required to view a YouTube video for class only to find it wasn’t described?

In collaboration with the Smith-Kettlewell Video Description Research and Development Center, the LightHouse can add audio description of YouTube videos at your request. The new technology making this easy and quick is called YouDescribe, and it was invented by LightHouse Board President, Dr. Josh Miele. YouDescribe allows anybody, anywhere to contribute description of an existing YouTube video, and when the video is played with YouDescribe, the descriptions are played back with the video giving blind viewers better access to the content.

“Clients have long sent in a wide range of print material not available elsewhere for LightHouse volunteers to record,” says Greg Kehret, LightHouse Director of Access to Information Services. “Given the ubiquity of YouTube in our culture, the sheer volume of videos out there, this is a tremendous opportunity for people who are blind to say to the LightHouse ‘Can you describe such-n-such for me?’, as well as for those on tight budgets to make their outreach and marketing videos accessible. Using their voice talents, time and recording equipment, LightHouse volunteers can now make this information accessible too.”

This new LightHouse service is free to individuals who are blind, and provided at reasonable cost to commercial customers. If you are interested in having a YouTube video described contact Greg Kehret at 415-694-7349 or

Other LightHouse Information and Description Services
From braille, tactile maps and audio products to access consulting, the LightHouse is pleased to assist businesses and individuals in making needed information accessible. For more information on how the LightHouse can help with providing accessibility call Greg Kehret at 415-694-7349 or