Adaptations Product of the Month – Simple Tactile Measuring Spoons and Cups

Happy New Year! To celebrate the New Year, the Adaptations Store is taking 10% off your purchase of measuring cups or spoons!

These great kitchen tools can be bent at the handle (creating a 90 degree angle) to make measuring liquids like vanilla, honey and olive oil easier. They have bright colored plastic handles with bendable yet sturdy metal measurement spoons. Jeff Buckwalter, a student in the recent Cooking Basics Class states, “Being able to bend the handles of these measuring spoons is helpful and a creative way to make a standard tool accessible.”

Come to the Adaptations Store and we can show you other useful tricks that could help while using these measuring cups or spoons. Or call us for more information on this or any of our accessible products at 415-694-7301.

Jeff Buckwalter holding bendable measuring spoons