LightHouse Honors Blind Veterans

On a clear November morning dozens of blind veterans and friends gathered at the LightHouse to swap stories, share camaraderie and be honored for their service on Veteran’s Day. Most served in WW II and Korea. Community Services Coordinator Beth Berenson said, “This is the second year we’ve done this and I’m very glad. They’ve served us and deserve to be honored.”

We treated them to a lunch and gave them time to talk about their military experiences. Our veterans come from all the different branches of the military including the Army, Navy and Airforce. They told moving stories about their service, such as liberating a German concentration camp. They also talked about how they used the government’s GI Benefits program to move forward in their lives. Their blindness came later in life with aging, not during their stint in the military.

Client Barney Howell speaks at the Annual Veterans Celebration at the LightHouse