LightHouse White Cane Awareness Day

Over 50 people gathered on October 15 to celebrate White Cane Awareness Day with the LightHouse.

San Francisco Supervisor Katy Tang (District 4) and Chief of Police Greg Suhr with other members of his Command Staff were in attendance and participated in a guided walk around City Hall wearing sleep shades and LightHouse staff as “human guides”. (A human guide is a person who acts as a travel aid for someone who is blind or visually impaired.) LightHouse Information and Referral Specialist Beth Berenson said, “This helped them understand better what it is like to be a blind pedestrian in San Francisco and how important it is for drivers to pay attention to those using a white cane.”

White Cane Day celebrates the importance of the white cane as a tool that gives blind and low vision people the power to travel independently and safely.

Hear LightHouse CEO Bryan Bashin speak at White Cane Day.

Hear San Francisco Chief of Police Greg Suhr speak at White Cane Day.

See photos of the walk on our Facebook page.

San Francisco Chief of Police Greg Suhr speaks to the Crowd in front of City Hall