Transit Orientation Guides Featured on Speaking Out for the Blind

The latest Speaking Out for the Blind podcast focuses on how the LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired is expanding independent travel in the San Francisco Bay Area. The agency’s brand-new Transit Orientation Guides help riders navigate the Bay Area’s complicated transit routes. Frank Welte, staff member with the LightHouse’s Access to Information Services department, joins the show to talk about the new guides and some of the LightHouse’s additional services. You’ll find the podcast here:

Get your free Transit Route Orientation Guide today, or request free Orientation Training to help you ride public transportation with confidence. Contact Frank Welte at 415-694-7363, or

Earlier in the year Speaking Out for the Blind focused on being a blind parent and spoke to LightHouse psychologist in residence Connie Conley-Jung. Listen to this fascinating podcast by clicking on