The Mechanics of Finding A Job: Alfredo Estrada, LightHouse for the Blind Employment Immersion Success

For 24 years Alfredo Estrada, Jr. was an airplane mechanic for United Airlines. He has a vision impairment that renders him legally blind, but with a narrow tunnel of vision he was able to work on aeronautical engines with deep concentration. He eventually lost his job and faced unemployment for 3 years. His Department of Rehabilitation counselor, John Grote, encouraged Alfredo to consider the LightHouse’s Employment Immersion Program.

Alfredo Estrada, Jr.

With over 20 years at the same job, Alfredo hadn’t had to look for work in a long time so his job hunting skills were rusty. He benefitted from the Employment Immersion Programs’ resume writing focus, from the interview skills section and from the networking and search practicums. Alfredo took his learning seriously: he never missed a class, and completed every assignment. At one session, LightHouse CEO and guest speaker Bryan Bashin discussed mentorships, asking the class as a whole, “What is your professional goal?” The students went around the room responding and when it was Alfredo’s turn, he spoke with passion. His goal was to return to the aviation field.

When Bryan heard this he strongly recommend Alfredo connect with our colleague organization, the Seattle LightHouse, which has a facility where they machine airplane parts for Boeing. Bryan followed up by introducing Alfredo to Kevin Daniels, ‎Senior Director of Strategic Recruiting for Seattle LightHouse.

It all moved very quickly from there. Alfredo applied for a position and Seattle LightHouse flew him there for an interview. We’d like to think our Employment Immersion Program can take some credit for Alfredo’s well-favored presentation. We’ve been told that he dressed smartly, interviewed well and held himself very professionally. Not surprisingly, he got the job. Congratulations, Alfredo.

Are you looking for a job? Do you need to improve your resume, learn the art of networking or develop your interview acumen? Our next Employment Immersion session runs from Tuesday, October 15 through Thursday, December 5 and will take place at the LightHouse’s office at the Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley. For more information, call Kate Williams at 415-694-7324 or email her at

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  1. We’re so proud of you Fredo!!Nice jib Lighthouse, giving the help needed.

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