LightHouse Now Distributing Transit Orientation Guides Plus Trainings

LightHouse is not only in the process of rolling out its Transit Route Orientation Guides for BART, Caltrain, and selected Muni and Samtrans routes – we are offering orientation trainings to make it easier for blind and visually impaired transit riders in the Bay Area to travel independently.

Transit Route Orientation Guides are Braille pamphlets which contain lists of the stops along a bus or train route with information about the transfers available at each stop, and the orientation of each stop. Low vision and blind travelers may sign up to receive up to 10 hours of orientation training to these systems at no charge, to familiarize themselves with the BART, Caltrain, Samtrans and Muni routes for which we provide Transit Route Orientation Guides.

Funding for these much needed guides is provided by a New Freedom Grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation and administered by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

To order a Transit Route Orientation Guide, or to request orientation training to help you make the best use of these guides, contact Frank Welte at 415-694-7363, or

Transit Route Orientation Guide