Life Insurance: Another Way to Leave a Legacy to the Blind and Low Vision Community

Adelyn Byrd was a resident of San Francisco and received LightHouse services 15 years ago. Just last month we were saddened to learn that she had passed – but we were also very touched by the way she has chosen to support and give back to us for those services. She named LightHouse for the Blind as the beneficiary of her life insurance policy.

Perhaps like Adelyn you are a supporter of the LightHouse? Maybe you have responded to our letters about Enchanted Hills Camp, come to events, volunteered your time, benefited as a client of the LightHouse, or read our e-News. Another way to deepen your support is by making the LightHouse a beneficiary of your life insurance. Life insurance may be an attractive way to make charitable gifts for those without a surviving spouse or children or whose progeny are not in need of the funds.

With the funds we have received from Adelyn and other planned giving donors we are able to start new programs and be nimble in our efforts to provide high quality services for the blind and visually impaired. Securing funds for a new and unproven initiative can be difficult. Our Employment Immersion program is one such program that we knew would make a great impact on blind people’s lives, but without the stability and support provided by planned gifts, we could never have gotten it off the ground!

For more information about making the LightHouse for the Blind a beneficiary of your life insurance policy or other estate planning mechanisms, contact Jennifer at (415) 694-7333 or