Free Cell Phones Available!

California residents who receive Supplemental Security Income, food stamps, Medicaid and other public assistance or who earn less than $15,000 per year can receive free cellphones and service!

Those who qualify will get basic cell phones, plus 250 text messages per month.

To apply for the program, customers request a phone from Assurance Wireless by calling 800-395-2171 or visiting

Once the necessary paperwork has been submitted, customers will receive a free phone within 10 days. After receiving their phones, they will get an application from the state of California. They must return that form within 45 days along with proof of eligibility. If eligible, they can continue receiving free service.

One thought on “Free Cell Phones Available!”

  1. I’ve noticed several of those “recycle your cell phone” bins popping up. Do we know if that’s where these phones are coming from, or is that a different project?

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