Access to Design Professions Symposium and Workshop

This three-day symposium and workshop aims to:

  • promote universal and inclusive design principles to current and future students;
  • support the recruitment of people with disabilities into design careers;
  • and, promote interaction and understanding.

The symposium will be a public event that will include keynote addresses and panel discussions from leading design professionals, disability advocates, agencies, and organizations in the SF Bay Area and beyond. The workshop will include presentations, activities and exercises for the student participants centered around an inclusive design overview and assessment of the recently renovated SF State Library and the West Campus Green Park scheduled to open in March 2013. Enrollment in pre-workshop orientation and workshop is limited to prospective and current students. Priority consideration will be given to students with disabilities. Please contact if you would like to register as an observer/non-participant.

When: Thursday April 11 through Saturday April 13

To find out more or to register, click here.