LightHouse Blind Blood Drive a Great Success!

Blind community members and their sighted friends visited the LightHouse and other Bay Area locations to participate in the first annual Bay Area Blind Blood Drive. They ultimately gave 54 units of usable blood, more than twice the number of units considered by the Red Cross to constitute a successful drive. The drive was so successful, LightHouse for the Blind intends to make this day of giving an annual tradition.

The event took place on January 9th, in conjunction with the Martin Luther King Day of Service 2013, and we were proud to honor and commemorate the great work of Dr. King in this manner. Watch a short television news clip on the drive here.

Before the drive, LightHouse CEO Bryan Bashin said, “Often in the past people have thought of the blind as a group who are the recipients of others’ generosity. We’re hoping to change a bit of that perception by rolling up our sleeves and giving back to the same philanthropic community who has long helped us.”

The LightHouse, along with Lions Center for the Blind, Orientation Center for the Blind, Vista Center for the Blind and all of the Bay Area Red Cross centers, would like to thank and commend those of you who participated in the drive. If you have been inspired to give, please consider checking out the myriad ways you can support the LightHouse, including volunteering. Just visit: and click on GIVE to learn how you can get involved.