NEW! The LightHouse Red Cross Club for Bay Area Blind and Low Vision Youth

In partnership with American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter, the LightHouse is very proud and excited to offer membership in the newly established SF LightHouse Red Cross Club for Bay Area Blind and Low Vision Youth. The SF LightHouse Red Cross Club for Blind and Low Vision Youth will be the only Red Cross Club in the United States comprised exclusively of blind and low vision youth. Although Red Cross clubs currently exist in many schools across the country, none are dedicated exclusively to addressing the needs, interests, and accessibility of the blind community. Moreover, creating a Red Cross club consisting solely of blind and low vision youth eliminates the potential risk of governance by a “hierarchy of sight.” In other words, every SF LightHouse Red Cross Club member will share responsibility equally, regardless of their level of sight.

Membership in a Red Cross club is both an honor and a commitment. The standards and expectations are high, as are the rewards. The SF LightHouse Red Cross Club will give blind and low vision youth the opportunity to better prepare our community for times of emergency/disaster, assist the American Red Cross in expanding accessibility (the LightHouse’s Community Services is currently working with American Red Cross in converting much of their informational materials into accessible formats), educate the public on health and safety, learn invaluable leadership skills, and meet new friends and partners. Additionally, participation in the SF LightHouse Red Cross Club will reflect strongly on any resume and/or college application.

The first meeting of the SF LightHouse Red Cross Club is tentatively scheduled for early December. To reserve a seat or for more information, please contact John Liang, Director of Community and Volunteer Services, at or 415-694-7334. Please feel free to invite any blind or low vision youth you know that may be interested. We want this to be the first of many Blind and Low Vision Red Cross Clubs throughout the country and beyond.

Additional Information

Join the Club – Join the Youth Movement

Today, in addition to domestic disaster relief, there are core areas where the American Red Cross provides specific services: support and comfort for service members and their families; the collection, processing and distribution of lifesaving blood and blood products; educational programs that promote health and safety; and international relief and development programs. Young people are an important part of the American Red Cross family; they are 125,000 strong, or 23 percent of the American Red Cross volunteer workforce. Youth volunteers are actively involved in every line of Red Cross service delivery; they serve on disaster action teams, teach health and safety courses, hold leadership positions on local boards, donate blood and recruit other donors, raise funds for international efforts.

Youth Executive Board (E-Board)

The Youth E-Board is the highest local volunteer leadership opportunity for Red Cross youth in the Bay Area. Youth Executive Board members work within the American Red Cross mission statement to guide all youth opportunities and directives for It plans and implements projects and programs that serve the Bay Area Region.

Youth Executive Board Leadership

Members are expected to be creative, innovative, and enthusiastic about their commitment to Youth Executive Board and the greater Red Cross as well as their individual service. All members of the board must fulfill the following expectations: 1. Attend monthly meetings 2. Attend mandatory meeting + training 3. Coordinate services projects 4. Spend individual time on projects. This group is mainly comprised of high school students.