The San Francisco LightHouse Red Cross Club for Bay Area Blind Youth!

In partnership with the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter, the LightHouse is very proud and excited to offer membership in the newly established San Francisco LightHouse Red Cross Club for Bay Area Blind and Low Vision Youth. This will be the first-ever Red Cross Club in the United States comprised exclusively of blind and low vision youth. Although Red Cross Clubs currently exist in many schools across the country, none are dedicated exclusively to addressing the needs, interests, and accessibility of the blind community.

For those unfamiliar with Red Cross Clubs, membership is both an honor and a commitment. The standards and expectations are high, however, so are the rewards. Membership in the San Francisco LightHouse Red Cross Club will afford blind and low vision youth the opportunity to better prepare our community in times of emergency/disaster, assist the American Red Cross in expanding accessibility, educate the public on health and safety, learn invaluable leadership skills and meet many new friends and partners. Additionally, participation in the Red Cross Club will reflect strongly on any resume and/or college application.

The first San Francisco LightHouse Red Cross Club meeting is tentatively scheduled for early December. If you are interested or you would like more information, please contact Director of Community and Volunteer Services John Liang at or (415) 694-7334.