Fine Art Photographer Looking for Blind Subjects

Carrie Levy is a fine art photographer based in San Francisco Bay.  She is seeking volunteers for her new photography series featuring members of the blind community.

Carrie grew up in New York and attended the School of Visual Arts in New York and the Royal College of Art in London.  She says, “I am interested in the collaborative portrait between a photographer and the sitter. My subjects are often depicted as both vulnerable and stoic, and at times I prefer to photograph by subjects shirtless or nude. During my career I have found that those with sight have developed a possessed response to being photographed. Therefore, as an artist I am now more interested in photographing subjects who perhaps have no common response to the lens. I am also interested in capturing the visually impaired within the context of art history, as there are not many paintings or photographs which capture the essence and beauty of the visually impaired.”

For her next series Carrie intends to highlight the reality of those who have never seen their photographic image and how they interact with the camera. She is seeking blind volunteers who would like to pose for her as part of this series. If you are interested in participating please contact Carrie at or 415-276-5103.