Beta Testers Needed

Blindsight is looking for Beta Testers to test our iPhone text detection app, on course to hit the Apple App-store in May!

What’s this app all about?
Blindsight, a small R&D firm in Berkeley, is developing an iPhone application that can detect and speak out text – be it a sign around you, a handout or a product you need to identify. The application uses the built in camera to capture the area the phone is pointed at. Our patented text detection algorithm analyzes the video stream and tells you whether there is text or not. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and VoiceOver will do the rest and speak the text that was detected – all within seconds.

What you’ll get
Be the first to use text detection and recognition in your day-to-day life before anyone else!

What we’ll ask you to do
Be honest! – provide us feedback on functions, ease of use and the way you are using it in your life and you’ll be a part of making this app a useful tool and a delightful experience.

Sign up for Beta Testing.

If you have further questions, please contact us at

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