New Dates! Window-Eyes Training by GW Micro

GW Micro will be offering a two-day Window-Eyes training at the LightHouse in February. Take the training that the American Foundation for the Blind raved about in their review of Window-Eyes training in the July 2010 edition of AccessWorld (

If you are a teacher who needs to know how to use the latest screen reading technology, an IT professional who needs to support blind clients, a student or current Window-Eyes customer who needs to know how to get the most out of Window-Eyes; then Window-Eyes training is made just for you.

When: Tuesday, March 20 and Wednesday, March 21
Where: LightHouse San Francisco Headquarters

What do you get when you sign up for Window-Eyes training?

You get. . .

* Hands-on training with a GW Micro certified trainer
* The entire two-day curriculum on CD
* Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook using Window-Eyes advanced Office technology features
* Knowledge of the Internet and how to use it to its full advantage with Window-Eyes
* Knowledge of how to customize your computer, making graphics, words, and colors speak the way you want them to
* Continuing Education Units (for an additional fee)
* Many more skills. Check out for more information

Unlike other training courses that can cost up to $1000 per day, the complete, two-day Window-Eyes training is only $650 per student. Check with your Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) counselor to see if this expense is covered under your DOR plan.

If you have any questions regarding the training, please contact Kimberly Cline at 260-489-3671 or for more information.

To sign up for the training, please register at Make sure to select San Francisco, CA as the location for training. For more information, check out