Love, Dependence and Independence

A part of the LightHouse “Building Meaningful Relationships” Love and Intimacy Series

How can love turn into dependence? When is my partner helping too much? Does my partner love me because I depend on their help? We’ll discuss these and other questions at the LightHouse during the second installment of the “Building Meaningful Relationships” workshop series, Navigating Love & Intimacy.

The LightHouse invites adults 18 and over to plunge into the world of love and intimacy. Our “Building Meaningful Relationships” series is guided by blind professional therapists, counselors and psychologists; these workshops fill a much-requested need we hear from our community. And we expect to break some new ground!

When: Saturday, November 12 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Where: LightHouse San Francisco Headquarters

RSVP by November 7 to Brandon Young at 415-694-7372 or

Our first workshop installment, Flirting While Blind, sparked much enthusiasm and interest for more in-depth discussion and sharing of ideas to help us connect better with people who we want to get to know more intimately.

Participant Brett DeSalvo said, “The [instructors] gave helpful advice when it came to flirting with people you’re getting to know, such as smiling while walking around or sitting, acting positive while describing the state of your vision, channeling anxiety and confidence before meeting someone for a date, and also complimenting someone on their scent, clothes, sound of their walk, or laugh.”

The second workshop of the series, Navigating Love & Intimacy, will focus on the ways in which unmanaged disability and dependence can affect relationships. We know that some blind or visually-impaired people experience feelings of helplessness, attachment, and dependence, either because they are newly-blind or because they haven’t yet found relationship models that work well. The chance to learn practical techniques around lovingly giving and receiving help is one area in which we hope to make a contribution. We also will present techniques to both increase awareness of and address over-dependence and over-helping in relationships.

Are you in a relationship and experiencing isolation, shame or fear? Do you seek effective ways to communicate your growing need for more independence from a sighted or blind partner?

Visually impaired individuals, couples, and couples with mixed abilities are all encouraged to come and share their experiences. Although “Building Meaningful Relationships” is a workshop series devoted to intimate love relationships, many of the skills presented will be useful for all types of relationships. This second workshop is for all adults 18 and up, whether single or already in a relationship.

Whether this is your first time or you are a returning participant, come and enjoy some good food, enlightening conversation, while learning how to navigate the swift currents of love and intimacy!

This workshop is free of charge. Voluntary donations of $5.00 to $15.00 are welcome to help defray the costs of food and refreshments.

We’ll see you there!