State Rehabilitation Council Recruitment

The California State Rehabilitation Council (SRC), whose members represent the voice of consumers and other stakeholders in California’s rehabilitation system, is currently seeking to fill vacancies in the following categories:

  • One representative of disability advocacy groups representing individuals with physical, cognitive, sensory and mental disabilities and representatives of individuals who have difficulty representing themselves due to their disabilities;
  • One current or former vocational rehabilitation services applicant or recipient;
  • One representative of the California Department of Education.

The SRC works in partnership with the California Department of Rehabilitation to review, evaluate and advise the department regarding its specific and overall performance and effectiveness.

If you know anyone who may be interested, including yourself, please send the name(s) and contact information to the SRC Executive Officer, Melyssa Adams, at madams@dor.cagov. You can also reach Melyssa at 916-558-5868.