Blind and Visually Impaired Youth Study Chemistry!

Chemistry camp student holds polymer up to the light

From April 30 to May 2, twelve blind and visually impaired students spent the weekend at Enchanted Hills Camp studying chemistry. The camp was run by Hobey Wedler, a blind PhD chemistry student at UC Davis who was once told by a teacher that chemistry was too “visual” for him. With your generous support, blind and visually impaired chemistry students were afforded the opportunity to experiment with polymers, bottle rockets, liquid nitrogen and more. Most importantly, they learned that studying science is not beyond their reach, regardless of what anyone says. For more photos of chemistry camp visit our Facebook photo album.

2 thoughts on “Blind and Visually Impaired Youth Study Chemistry!”

  1. 1. I enjoyed hearing about the above on kqed/NPR. 2. Please ask all your youth and adults for a list of 100 instrumental &/or vocal songs that would be acceptable coming outside of electric vehicle cars (so that pedestrians, bicycle riders, horseback riders, etc., could know that an electric vehicle is close by). I am concerned that many of the new ‘car sounds’ emitting from new electric vehicles sound worse than car alarms! Please have all blind people of all ages speak out in favor of loud instrumental &/or vocal music in preference instead of the awful ‘spaceship’ – it really does sound as bad as a car alarm!!!

  2. Please have all blind people interested in preserving nature contribute to course plan content for all ages and abilities. It might be nice to arrange a course major (possibly a two year Associate Arts Degree from various community colleges) around Rachel Carson’s books. Her most famous book is Silent Spring. I heard a monologue play on NPR (around Earth Day) of an actress pretending to be Rachel Carson, speaking about what was on her mind while preparing to move. This may be a rewarding play for blind people to perform at various high schools and colleges. Consider getting free course development help from the staff at various radio show sites, such as LOE, Living On Earth; Pulse of the Planet; Sierra Club Radio, etc. Jane Goodall has an excellent web site. The state of Oregon has a junior high dedicated to her work. Maybe the staff their could give your students free help in setting up similar courses.

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