A Site for Healthy Eyes

By Brian McCallen, LightHouse guest blogger

“Natural Eye Care” is a new and exciting site for healthy eyes! Based on the easy-to-follow book, this insightful web resource covers nutritional, diet and lifestyle approaches for some of the most common eye conditions, including floaters and macular degeneration.

Ten years ago, I suffered from a retinal detachment in my one good right eye. Just recently, I learned about “Natural Eye Care” and, just out of plain curiosity, used the site to search for natural tips that may possibly prevent another detachment. The advice of daily aerobic exercise, anabolic pills along with the elimination of fatty foods to reduce potential retinal toxins gave me a wakeup call to cut back on the burgers at my favorite fast food joint and take more classes at my local health club in order to protect my eyesight.

Related research, articles, videos, health conditions and much more fill the breadth of information in this valuable resource there are even sites where you can learn about other supplements that help with health conditions. So go to http://www.naturaleyecare.com/ now and learn how to maintain your good eye health today!

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  1. Friday 20 on wor radio had a report on MACULAR DEGENERATION a coast to coast program that stated about a English group found that injecting a light sensitive cell into the eye will help M D. Do you have any info on this ??? Thank You.

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