Know Your Rights Workshops

Have you ever wondered what questions employers are, and are not, allowed to ask you about your blindness during a job interview? Would you like to know what laws protect your right to accessible textbooks and other accommodations in high school or college? Do you want to learn what rights you have as a guide dog user looking for an apartment or as a blind airline traveler planning to board a flight?

The Lighthouse has teamed up with two local attorneys, Shannon Dillon and Karla Gilbride, to answer these and other questions in a series of three informative “Know Your Rights” workshops to be held at the San Francisco Lighthouse on

Saturday, April 16
Saturday, May 14
Saturday, June 11

Each workshop will begin at 1:30 p.m. and last until 4 p.m. Please stay tuned for further announcements about the specific topics to be covered at each workshop.

To sign up, contact Brandon Young at 415-694-7372 or

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  1. I live in the Chicago area and i am in desperate need of guidance with my job. i have RP and i am now in what i call the “Limbo” state… i can only see out of one eye and my fields are poor. I have a good central vision in my one eye but experience multiple floaters and loss of perforal vision. I am on the brink of loosing another job…i need help.. Please contact me at

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